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Snkers App has Surprise Release of Jordan Fire Red 5s and Sells out in Minutes

According to Complex Sneakers. In the mists of the premiere. Of the Netflix documentary The Last Dance: Michael Jordan Documentary. Which focuses on Micheal Jordan in a 10 part Doc-u-Series. During the highlight of the most exciting Road to Championship. For the Chicago Bulls in 1997-98. The Nike Sneaker app “ Snkers” had a surprise release of the Air Jordan Red 5 OG Colorway. At around 9pm on April 19th 2020. Sneaker lovers that have the app were completely shocked. As most ignored the evening notification. Then later realized what happened. Only to try and purchase the sneakers. Not having the opportunity to buy. The bulk of the disappointment is on a trending twitter thread. As they expressed their let down on not being able to get them.

In an article on “Kicks on fire” The original expected date was to be released on April 25th. The article goes on to say. That the Air Jordan Fire Red 5s are identical to the original color scheme and silhouette. Of the 1990 release of the Sneaker. It only makes sense to re-release the Fire Red 5s as it is the 30th anniversary to the original.

Snkers claim to not have a restock until May 2nd at 10 am. As Jordan fans panic, in an attempt to find an alternative. Like StockX, to buy the sneakers. The volume of visitors to their app caused it to crash.

One Canadian company by the name “ Kicks Deal Canada”.  States “This shock drop was US only, the shoes will be releasing next month in quantities like the DMP 6s”

Image by Nike


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