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Par Le Patreq kicks off Fashion Sizzle


Par Le Patreq opened the show of Sizzle Fashion week with his new collection. This is Fashion sizzles second season of Fashion shows. They allow emerging designers to show case there work on a platform that will help them to boost careers. Designer Patrick Holmes is not new to the fashion world but has decided to rebrand his clothing line.

His concept is amazing. The way his leopard print dress flows it makes you look like you’re walking on air.


The silhouette and style of the green shimmery jump suit with gold belt elongates the look of your body.



Back stage Right before the show



To watch Par le Patreq click the link below


Patrick Holmes was born in the state of Kentucky. At the age of twelve he realized his passion for fashion. As he flipped through the pages of a popular fashion magazine. He found himself wanting to be part of the fashion world. It wasn’t until his mother brought home an old Singer sewing machine, a box of fabrics and patterns. That a designer was born. Patrick was a self taught sewer. Through trial and error Patrick was able to make garments without patterns. At the of age 16 he had become self-employed. Patrick’s sewing skills became so known though the neighborhood. He became the city Seamster.



In his late 20’s Patrick moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Where he received a phone call offering him an opportunity to show a collection of his work. Without hesitation he said, “yes!”.

He introduced his collection under the name of Just Patreq. The reaction of his collection to the public gave patrick extreme joy. He sold all 108 pieces within 3 days. Within 3 months the Just Patreq collection was in several boutiques throughout Metro Atlanta. His accomplishments were featured in an article of WWD. This article was written about his outstanding sales. Lucky magazine called Patrick an“up and coming designer to watch for”.

On December of 2005, Patrick boarded a plane with with his sketchbooks and samples. This flight was going to New York City. Where he earned into Fashion Design/Art program at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Shortly after, He attended a lecture, hosted by Designer Calvin Klein. Who specifically asked to speak to students interested in launching their own brands. After the lecture Patrick had a one on one chat with designer Calvin Klein. That conversation would forever changed Patrick’s ambition.

Patrick eventually dismissed the pursuit of a college education. He relied on what he was gifted with at the age of twelve, talent, passion, and hard work. Patrick spent the next few years developing his company image. From stitch to visual marketing. Patrick is currently developing a re-launch plan under the French inspired label of PAR LE PATREQ, which means ‘By Patrick’.

PAR LE PATREQ has appeared during New York Fashion week. Some of his work has already been, warn by celebrities such as reality TV star Ramona Rizzo. The PAR LE PATREQ label is on its way to becoming a great American brand.

“Get dressed and live beautifully”

Par Le Patreq

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