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Models Don’t Need to pay to Walk in NYFW Show

I interrupted my regular scheduled blog writing to talk about an important subject. It has come to my Attention that models are paying to Walk in Runway shows for NYFW and this is a big no no. As a models you are not obligated to pay for Garment cleaning, walking fee and any other ridiculous fee. They try to give you because they are scammers. 

Models please understand, It is important to walk in NYFW. To push your career to the next level but not to pay to be in the show. Unless it is a modeling competition then there is no reason to pay to be a fashion model. I have heard horror stories about things like this happening to models. They fly from another state. Pay to walk in a show don’t even walk in the show and all other type of mess.

Another thing models should not be paying for is application fees for castings. If you are going to a casting call and the director tells you. You need to pay an application fee to do the casting. Walk out. I understand when it comes to competitions but come on man. This stuff is getting a little out of control.

Please be careful on what fashion shows you apply to when your casting. I always recommend great shows for NYFW. That don’t scam models. Stay tuned because bridal fashion week is coming up. 

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