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How To Get Yourself Into NYFW ( Models)

New York Fashion Week is just around the corner. For those wanting to get into the fashion industry or ones who want to make it to the Big Apple. Here are some steps to take.

Practice Your Walk

Practice is something you will always hear me say because it’s important. Apply to runway shows without having a great runway walk is not it honey. At NYFW models from all over try to get into these shows so if you’re not practicing. I’m sure someone else is. Not everyone is born with it and that’s ok. Let’s practice till we have an amazing walk. If you can record your walk. So you can see your progress.

Up to Date Pictures

When looking for castings online or from word of mouth you will need up to date photos to submit. Use a digital camera with a Clean white background. Wear blue jeans and a white/Black tank top. Using photos older than three months is not good. Facial features, weight even hair color can change with in those time frames. To insure your giving the director the current you try to pick the newest pictures to submit.

Look for Castings

There are several online sources (Wink). Who can tell you where the castings are. Some shows like Art Hearts Fashion week  and Fashion Gallery New York Fashion Week. Do their castings through the companies. Beware of the castings that say you have to pay to be part of the show. If it is not a competition then don’t apply. A Real NYFW show doesn’t charge models to be a part of the show. 

Model Uniform 

I made a brief description of what the model uniform is above in Up to date photos but let me get into a little more detail. This is what you should wear to the casting unless. They ask for something different. 

White/black top ( Tank top, T-shirt , or Solid color Button up) 

Blue/Black Jeans bottoms ( Fitted is preferred)  

Black Shoes 

Clean hair 

Clear or Nude color nail polish

Black Solid color spaghetti strapped fitted dress

( High end, older companies prefer this look )

*Keep one of these looks in a model bag ready to go at all times. Some companies have casting calls at the last min and you want to always be prepared.


Yup in this digital era. We still want to see composition  cards. This will give us your information and photos without having to draw up paperwork. That you would need to fill out. They generally have 1 -5 photos of your best and or most recent work. Along with contact information: Email Phone number. Your Model Stats ( Measurements) this is also easier then carrying around a Portfolio. Which some bookers still use.


Whether it’s digital or printed portfolios need to be the final edits and tear sheets of your best work. If you going to show someone the history of your career make sure its the best of the best. Keep in mind clear photos is a must.

Drink Water

At least the day before the casting drink water. No Soda no Juice no sugar drinks. Switch out the other drinks you have a drink water. It will make you skin look healthier just in case they want to take a photo of you during the casting.

Get Rest

Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep before the casting because it might not be the only one you go to. Sometimes designers put their castings close to each other. Like the same days all at different times so prepare yourself to go casting hoping. 

Travel Time 

Make sure you leave your house with enough time to get yourself lost and find your way back. New York city has a lot of traffic and could make your experience on getting on time to a casting super difficult. Planning ahead is a good idea ( If your flying in make sure to check the weather for the next couple of days. You don’t want to get stuck here without a plan. This way you can book a hotel if your planning on staying or have unexpected stay)

Google Can Help

Always check locations on Google maps so you can make sure your going to the right place. I have had people miss castings because they didn’t Google it and went to the wrong studio location. 

Be Polite 

I know, I am upset I even have to say this but Saying hello and Thank you is not hard to do. It seems some models don’t realize they are being rude by not saying those things but I’m telling you. Personality is a factor. No one wants to work with a messy queen.

Models from all over want to be in NYFW. Just follow these steps, have confidence in yourself and go for it. Then I will see you walking down the runways at NYFW.

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