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How To Get Into NYFW As A Designer

As a designer it is so important to get into NYFW but when you ready. So as you know it’s a little different as a designer in NYFW. You have to pay to showcase. Yes, I know it sounds a little crazy. To pay people so you can show your garments but… The reason your paying. Is so that you can relieve some of the frustration. The production company you decide to go with will handle most things so that your show runs smoothly. Everything from Social media promotion to having gift bags. On seats for your future clientele. 

Now that I got you all excited let’s break down how to get you in NYFW as a Designer.

Step 1 have original not shown before garments. Production companies want to be the first to showcase what your new Collection.  They can help you get noticed by others when its new. I remember one time I was covering a show and I took video and photos of a designer and was so happy to see the next season. When the next season came around it was the same collection. Guess who didn’t write a new blog post or make new videos because I already seen those.

Step 2 Find a production company that can work with what you need. In other words if you are a plus size designer. Make sure the production company knows this because they are the ones that will help you. With you Casting call and you don’t want to end up with a bunch of size 4’s of you design for size 22.

Step 3 Price Range… Yup its costs to be in NYFW anywhere from $1,000 – $100,000. It all depends on the production company, the location, press contacts, promotion, ETC. Make sure you chat with the coordinator. To know what your getting yourself into.

Image By Katherin Vermeille
Fashion By Yvette Crocker

Step 4 check for scams. There are production companies out here scamming and you don’t want to be caught with one of those. U’ll be out of money and up the creek without a paddle. Please be careful. I know it is exciting to work  in NYC but let’s be safe. I know a few who Safe Production Companies. That are looking for designers. If you want to send me a quick email if your interested Katherin@katscastings.com 

Step 5 Send images and links to your past most recent work. If  you don’t live in the area where you can show the garments to the coordinator directly. You will have to impress them with your online presence and yes even though you have to pay. (If you make it in). Each show production has a standard and you need to meet those standards.

Step 6 figure out Travel and Stay plans. Most production companies do not provide this for you so it’s up to you to pick a good hotel and flight. This also means getting all your Garments to the hotel safely.

I’m sure I’m missing more steps but these are what I can think of right now. Let me know what you think. Did I leave something out? Tell me what else you want know about NYFW. By placing a comment down below. 

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