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Exquisitely Joy 2020

Joy Kimono the designer behind Exquisitely Joy has turned the unwanted into want. This Friday Joy showcased her new collection for 2020. Using materials she likes to call “upcycling”. With the amount of garbage produced by the US. Designer  Joy Kimono has found a way to make unwanted materials into Clothing. That you would love to wear. From Army Tents to eco materials put together Garments and even Hats to show her talent.

Exquisitely Joy 2020 Collection

The Exquisitely show was amazing. I remember her premiering on NYFW Last season in February and I was blown away. She came on the Scene as an Emerging Designer. Well, I think she is definitely one of the designers that will make an impact on the Fashion industry. 

Exquisite clothing for modern Upcycled, vintage,eco-materialed 

-Exquisitely Joy

One thing I noticed is Joy is very humble. When she was walking out for the finale she tried to look at everyone in there eye to thank them. To check it out take a look at the video down below

Joy Kimono’s Exquisitely Joy 2020 Collection
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