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Veronica “ Vero G “ Gonzalez is an artist with many hats. She is a singer, song writer , model and poet, Author. I mean the list goes on and on. Vero G also uses her platform to tell her story and about all the adversities that she has been through in her life. Her third independent album “Victory” was released in 2020. I had the chance to take a deep dive into her album and here is what I thought about it.
Victory gives us a diverse up beat with some encouraging songs. Making the times we are all going through something to look forward to. As the intro starts I immediately feel empowered. Wanting to make a difference wanting to move forward. Her words add the right touch. For you to keep moving forward in life, especially in hard times like we are all currently in.

Side note: a lot of artists no longer make intros to their albums. This actually reminds me of how hard artists used to work on their own craft to build their careers.
Vero G has also been nominated For the 5th annual LDM Music awards in the Latin Category. It vote for her click the link https://www.ldmradio.com/vote

Vente conmigo ( come with me )
This song is one of my favorites. Definitely a club/radio hit. This song gives us a fun and flirty feel about people caring for each other. The melody and flow of the song hit right on the nose. As for the music video. I like the style and angles but I felt that we needed more time developing the characters. Showing a glimpse of how the other guy was not a fit for her and then having the scenes with Vero G and Cuban Link pop up. But I will say I did like the chemistry they had in the video. It was still a good video.

Now fighter was my other favorite song. As soon as the song comes on you are captivated. I was left speechless for the first minute of the song. The impact it had was amazing. I love the rocky themed Video as it encourages you to keep fighting. ( this music video was actually dedicated to the producers mom as she is a Cancer survivor). If you were ever bullied, feeling down about yourself or depressed. Listen to this song. It will give you the strength to keep pushing.

She definitely had some more songs on the album like “where are you now” a song she dedicated to her. You can hear the hurt in her voice as she was singing it out.
Make sure to check out the Victory album and let us know your thoughts and comments down below.

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