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Story Time: Why I didn’t work with Male models for a Year

Every job has its ups and its downs but dealing with other people sometimes can be a real burden. When I have online castings. For models to send my measurements and photos via email. Sometimes I receive things that I don’t ask for. Most times I just ignore and keep moving. Others just need to be addressed because they are so crazy. That your whole day stops and you need to just gather your thoughts on what to do next. Well here is a time I had no choice but to stop everything I was doing and just laugh.

There was a point in time when I was managing a few models. I would try to get them in shows, clean up their social media  the whole sha-bang. I no longer work with models to that extent. I was losing a lot of money and not making a good return. On my investment but that is a conversation for another time. Back in 2014 I was working with a photographer from Indiana. He had started a magazine and I was trying to get a few of my models in his magazine. While this was happening he mentioned to me that he knew a model. That would be moving to NYC and would like to get his foot in the door before he got there. Which I didn’t mind because most of the reliable models I had didn’t even live in New York. they would fly in an out to get casted for some of the shows and shoots. Amazing people I tell you but back to my story. I told him to send me an email. The model then sends an email intro ducting himself and re stated his situation. I sent an email back telling him what I am looking for. “ Please send measurements small bio and 3 pictures one head shot one half shot and a full body.

With in minutes I get an email back. And In my industry that could be one of 2 things. That model was prepared or that model did not read anything I wrote and hit send. Well…. Let me tell you. It had to be the second one because. He sent over half of his measurement no extra details other then where he is from and his photos. …… The first one Head shot, perfect. Great lighting against a white background. Second one full body, ok  Still great lighting plain white wall background and then boom. Full body with no pants on. Fourth picture shirt with no pants on. I laughed so hard. I could not breathe. This day I was working from my mother’s house because at the time. My sister was a manager for some of the models and we decided to have the morning meeting there. So my Mother comes from the room and is like “what’s wrong”. My Husband who was my fiance at the time asked me “what happened”. So I first show my Sister. I don’t tell her what is about to happen. I just let her know this is what a male model sent me. And she blocks her eyes and says why would you do that. My mom said “what’s wrong” and I show her. She just screams Eww it’s a Ding dong. My Husband just walks back in the room and says “ I don’t want to see that”  

So I need to address this. The first person I call was the photographer who sent him over. I told him listen I know I live in NYC but not all managers work with nude or porn models. He was so embarrassed he hung up to call the model. I then Emailed him to let him know that the Pictures were great but that was not what I was looking for. I need a Headshot half body and a full body. Not his naked body. I need pictures of your head and I mean the one on your shoulders. 

After that ordeal, For about a year I did not work with male models. I do work with them know. Now I just open my emails with caution.

*The male model in the image is not the male model I was talking about.

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