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Preparing for NY Fashion week: Runway Walking Tips ( Walking Pattern)

In just a few weeks the Winter fashion week for NYFW will begin. As a model you’ll need to be fully prepared to be apart of the shows. One of the main things to work on and one of the most important is your walk. NYFW show typically like high fashion runway walk. Here is how to practice a high fashion runway walk.

Foot placement 

Before even beginning to walk you need to know where your foot need to be ready. Right before taking your first step. The T- Stance helps you to balance your body. It is called the t-stance because of the shape it makes when in this position. Take your right foot and place it in front of your left one. Turn your left foot out counter clockwise. The heel of your right foot should be touching the center of you left foot. 


While your feet are in a t- stance your posture should be fixed. Image having a string on the top of your head and you pull the string to straighten your back out. While your walking it gives off a type of confidence. Along with having the clothing sit on you body properly.


As you begin to move your front foot to start your strut. Slow down you pace. Me being a NYC’er we walk extremely fast ( Because we are always in a rush) . Your walk should be the same tempo as a metronome ( Music Ticker). This very basic tempo helps you to walk at the right pace no matter what is going on or even whatever song is playing. Sometimes the song finishes when you in the middle of the runway but if your pace is right. The next song to come up you’ll be on time.

Arm motion 

When Strutting it is so important to relax your arms and let them flow naturally. Some runway coaches will tell you to imagine brushing the sides of your legs. Softly with your finger tips. I feel as long as your arms are not fly everywhere then you will not distract anyone form the clothing.


When stopping and posting there are so many poses. You do but a general pose at the top of the runway. Is a Foot  in A stance with one arm on hip and T- stance with hands down at your sides. (Relaxed arms and hands). Practice rotating which pose feels comfortable between the too. As if your body naturally poses in a Stance and both hands on hips, then stick with that one to begin. But being versatile is important.

The Walk back 

Now some runways you wont need to do the walk back because maybe it a big circle or a rap around runway. If not and you need to turn back. If you need to take you your back foot and step back. While turning your body. Leaving your head as the last thing to turn. Then continue to walk until you off. 

Let me know if these tips helped you improve  your Walk

If you want to Watch the walking Pattern Click the link below


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