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5 Ways to Transition From Pageant Mode to NYFW Mode

From Pageant Patty to NYFW runway Model. Pageants and Runway shows are two entirely different beasts. It is true that Models do go back and forth between the two but knowing the difference is only the beginning. Check out these 5 ways to transition from Pageant Mode to NYFW Mode.

Going to Go-sees- In the pageant world you pay for your entrance to compete but in the fashion world. Your walk is your entrance fee. Going from Go-see to go-see to land yourself in NYFW is normal. Sometimes you get picked for all and sometimes you don’t get pick for any. For more on Go-sees click here

You don’t have to pick out your wardrobe- Phew! Being a pageant girl myself dealing with having to pick out your own wardrobe can be so stressful. Then having to transport it. Without destroying your outfits is something no worth stressing when doing a runway show. The designer has to worry about that. This also means don’t be too pushy and express you don’t like the Garment if it is not something you would wear. That’s one way you can be replaced before you hit the runway.

No hair and Makeup- you don’t have to hire a team to make you glammed up the MUA and Hair crew sets all that up for you.

Walk- Pageant walks are more bounce, fun and full of flavor. A model walk has more of a natural flow. Your face is relaxed. No big Cheese smiles. Relax your arms. Let them flow naturally. Runway models sell the clothing, so having too much of your personality. On the runway can hinder the focus. That is the garment and not you. Practice the different walks before a show. When the day of the runway is here. You’re not giving them pageant glam walk.

Prepare for Caos- Backstage of a runway show everyone is moving 0-60 in 3.5. This means if your not paying attention you spot for hair and makeup could be bumped. Your belongings can be mixed with someone else and the show could end up starting an hour late. Prepare yourself to have be there all day.

No on-stage speaking- Final questions or on stage speaking is one of the hardest parts of pageants. Don’t worry no one is going to ask you about The President or how to solve world hunger. The crowd just wants to see how well the garments move on the runway.

Being a Pageant Girl or Model is difficult. There are different ways to approach each one. The First step is knowing the difference, and the next step is executing it. If you want 5 more ways to transform you from Pageant Patty to NYFW Top Model place a comment down below.

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