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10 Ways To Keep Yourself Busy As A Model During Quarantine

This Stay at home order has some of us wondering what to do because of our profession. It requires us being around people to do it. Modeling is just one of those things. Here is a 10 ways you can keep yourself busy as a model during Quarantine.

Home exercises– because there are no longer and gyms open. Try to do your workouts at home. If you don’t have weights an alternative is filling a backpack with books. Work out with the backpack on or even using it as a dumbell. Here is an example from Dr. Jim Stoppani the Creator of Jym Supplements


Eat healthy–  it is so easy to just eat bad during this time. Focus on the foods that are good for your bodies along with victims. This is going to be a little difficult. while others are enjoying yummy fatty foods. Stay focused and positive that this will all be over soon. And you don’t want to risk your health. This will give you the opportunity to be ready for shoots when they are ready to work with models again. Here is a list of foods to keep your immune system up 


Fix website – if you have a website with all your work. Now is the time to update it with new photos and new info. Also connect it to your public social media accounts. If you don’t have a website. As long as you agency is ok with you having one. Check out a few sites to build to showcase your work. Squarespace offers a big variety of sites that would be perfect to start out with.


Jump into Tiktok– If you have not started using this app. Now is the time. Yeah, Yeah I hear you. How do you even begin? Well, sign up. Search for your interests and watch a few hours of the videos to understand how TikTok works. When you have an idea of how it works and the style of videos you want to post. Go for it. Yes, there are modeling agencies on there as well. ( You’re Welcome)


Self Made Shoot– I’m sure there are clothing or even make up at home that you have not used. Now is the time to do some at home photoshoots. This can also help get some endorsements during this time. Where companies can send you products and you do shoots. This is  what Influencers do. It can become income depending on the company and the exposure you reach.

Start a Blog – If you ever had stories to tell about your experience while being a model. If you want to express your opinion on what is going on in the world. You also like writing so this is the form of expression to use. I recommend using Square space as a host but there are free sites like Wix that are good to also start with.


Start YouTube– If it is easier for you to tell your story instead of writing then this is a better option. You can talk about your day to day and experiences just like a blog, but in video form. you can make videos of your runway walk. Teach people to model or even just give tips on what to do when starting to model. When you start your channel check out  how to set up your channel with the help of Youtube Studio.

Take a Class– There are online classes to teach many things that you can do from home. If you ever wanted to fine tune your skills or learn something new. Now is the time to do so.


Focus on a Hobby– if you have a talent or a love for something that you can do from home. You can definitely now focus on this. We all don’t have the time to do our hobbies on a daily basis. Now is the time to do the things you enjoy. If you want you can even write your blog posts or vlogs on what you’re doing while you’re doing your hobby.

Catch up on Reading– We all want to read more. There are a few sites and apps  that offer free books to read/ listen to. 

  • Good Reads 
  • Book lending
  • Wattpad


While we are all in this Stay at home order. Let’s keep yourself busy. Tell me if these 10 ways to keep yourself busy as a Model during quarantine helped.

Photo by Simona Todorova on Unsplash

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